Always Innovating. Ever Communicating.

When it comes to our commitment to innovating pest management products and processes, communication with our customers is key. That’s why we invest in our digital presence and collaborate with marketing experts on how best to represent our brand and mission. To that end, we are proud to share the latest updates to our website,… Read More »

Stop the Cycle: The Strategy Empowering Effective and Professional Pest Management

SenesTech was delighted to launch last month’s webinar, designed specifically for pest management professionals. Embracing the fact that education is key to communicating our value proposition across industries and market segments, the goal was to introduce the concept of targeted fertility control by showcasing our flagship product: ContraPest®. Brandy Pyzyna, President of Scientific Operations and… Read More »

New ContraPest® Label State Approvals

In October 2018, SenesTech, Inc. expanded our market reach of ContraPest® with the removal of “Restricted Use Pesticide” from the label by the EPA.  What does this really mean overall?  A Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP), requires the need for applicator expertise to purchase, deploy and service the product. As a result, pest management professionals (PMPs),… Read More »

Manufacturing Capacity at SenesTech — Then and Now

As the American poet Maya Angelou observed, “If you don’t know where you’ve come from, you don’t know where you’re going.” Granted, she wasn’t talking about manufacturing, but the message remains relevant to SenesTech’s recent manufacturing advancements and enhanced capacity in support of innovative and effective products. Where We Came From Simply put, SenesTech initially… Read More »