For the Health of Hospitals

At SenesTech, we love sharing stories about the successful deployment of our flagship rat contraceptive product, ContraPest. One of our triumphs this year has been reducing rat populations in a very sensitive environment. While none of us wants to spend quality time in a hospital, we do expect that a visit of any duration will… Read More »

The Spotlight Shines on SenesTech: Introducing our Newsletter

The Spotlight Shines SenesTech is delighted to introduce our first quarterly newsletter, which has been thoughtfully designed to keep you up to speed on company and product developments, along with current industry trends, events, and issues. This is your source for everything SenesTech and we invite you to explore these pages, which allow for interactive… Read More »

Are You Prepared for the California Ecosystems Protection Act?

California Awareness California residents and businesses are becoming more aware of Bill AB1788, also known as the California Ecosystems Protection Act, which will prohibit the use of second-generation anticoagulant rodenticides (SGARs).  On July 9, 2019 it has officially passed the next committee and is on its way to Governor Newsom’s desk. In an effort to… Read More »

SenesTech Champions CEU’s

Have you ever wondered why continuing education unit (CEU) courses are so important to a pest management professional? CEU courses are designed to keep professionals versed in the latest technologies and techniques while expanding their knowledge in new areas focused around their current certification. Generally, these courses are offered throughout the year and hosted in… Read More »

Sound Science Speaker Series – Upcoming Speakers

A research and development company founded in 2004, SenesTech is on a mission to bring practical fertility control to wildlife species around the world. As a growing public company with complete commercial operations, we remain dedicated to sound science. To that end, we created a virtual platform to explore global issues with our colleagues and… Read More »

SenesTech Shifts the Pest Control Paradigm

SenesTech is set to take center stage in the latest development, regarding the use of rodenticides in California. New legislation has been introduced to protect non-target animal populations, like birds of prey, mountain lions, bobcats, fishers, and endangered species from secondary exposure to lethal rodenticides. Supporters of Bill AB1788 have been met with concerns from… Read More »

Stay in Step with Sound Science

At SenesTech, our overarching technology is grounded in sound science. With our founders, Dr. Loretta Mayer and Dr. Cheryl Dyer, leading the way, we are committed to clear communication with our consumers, supporting the science foundation that is the root of our innovations. To that end, we’d like to introduce you to “Soundbites of Sound… Read More »

Sound Science Supporting Sharon’s Attic

SenesTech is committed to social responsibility and part of that commitment involves teamwork and community collaboration to make the world a better place than we found it. Last weekend, our team gave back to the community by volunteering at Sharon’s Attic thrift store. Founded in 2014, Sharon’s Attic is on a mission to help women… Read More »

Always Innovating. Ever Communicating.

When it comes to our commitment to innovating pest management products and processes, communication with our customers is key. That’s why we invest in our digital presence and collaborate with marketing experts on how best to represent our brand and mission. To that end, we are proud to share the latest updates to our website,… Read More »

Stop the Cycle: The Strategy Empowering Effective and Professional Pest Management

SenesTech was delighted to launch last month’s webinar, designed specifically for pest management professionals. Embracing the fact that education is key to communicating our value proposition across industries and market segments, the goal was to introduce the concept of targeted fertility control by showcasing our flagship product: ContraPest®. Brandy Pyzyna, President of Scientific Operations and… Read More »