October 11, 2018

Protein Production Farm

ContraPest provides PMP teams an additional tool to implement into their existing IPM program. When used in conjunction with traditional rodent control techniques, ContraPest was able to reduce the population by targeting the rats that were unsuccessfully treated with traditional methods. While lethal IPM techniques focus on eliminating individual rats, ContraPest targets the entire population through fertility control. At sites where both methods of control were carried-out simultaneously, rat activity was greatly reduced compared to sites where only one method was used.

ContraPest was integrated into an existing IPM program at a protein production farm in the southeastern United States. to determine if ContraPest, in conjunction with bromethalin-based rodenticides, was more effective at controlling rodent populations than rodenticides alone. For 101 days, three farms were treated with both ContraPest and traditional rodenticides, while an additional three farms were treated with rodenticides only as a control group. Bait stations with rodenticide blocks were placed every 50 feet around the perimeter of barns at the control farms. At the treatment farms, bait stations with traditional rodenticide blocks were also placed every 50 feet from one another along the exterior of the barns and ContraPest stations were placed between each rodenticide station.

Tracking plate surveys, a reliable method to monitor populations, were performed prior to baiting and immediately following the end of baiting. Changes in rat activity between initial and final measurements reflect changes in rat populations for both the treatment and control farms. ” Results showed there was 46% lower signs of rat activity at farms treated with both ContraPest and rodenticides than the farms with rodenticide alone.

This study highlights how the addition of ContraPest can help improve current IPM programs at treating heavily infested areas and allows the PMP to focus their efforts on prevention and maintenance while keeping key customers satisfied and the rat population at a low, manageable level.

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