In honor of our attendance at this year’s 95th annual Association of Zoos & Aquariums (AZA) Conference, we are taking a moment between virtual events to reflect on the pest control challenges facing animal markets like these.

Part of taking care of your animals requires safeguarding them from exposure to pests. As we all know, rats are vectors for disease; their feces and urine can also contaminate the food stores intended for your animals. Even without the risk of contamination, a rat infestation can result in food loss and costly damage to your facility’s physical structures, like your animal enclosures for instance.

We recognize the problem. The question is, how do you control rat infestations without risking secondary exposure to your non-target animal species? If you haven’t already, take a look at what fertility control might mean for your facility and the animals in your care.

ContraPest is a non-lethal liquid contraceptive pest control tool that has proven effective in reducing rat populations by working in both male and female rats.

We know that most animal markets, like zoos and sanctuaries, embrace integrated pest management (IPM) for optimal protection against rat infestations. We like to think of the IPM at your facility as a well-oiled machine — constantly working in the background to keep your animals, employees, volunteers, and visitors safe. Adding contraceptive pest control through ContraPest accounts for the rapid rate at which rats reproduce, offering consistent support to your already strong pest control strategy.

As a company committed to supporting a healthier environment for animals, we are proud of our product and excited by its implications to foster a better future for these sensitive and critical populations.

Learn more about ContraPest by visiting our website and place your order at SenesTech’s Online Store when you’re ready to feature fertility control in your IPM efforts.