The SenesTech Mission & Vision

SenesTech, Inc. is very much aware of the problems that have developed as a result of worldwide use of poisons to try and reduce the issue of rodents and the effect they have on the environment. With this in mind, SenesTech has instituted a sustainability planning and governance committee as an internal watchdog to ensure we work towards improving our world and not causing more harm to it.

SenesTech’s underlying goals are:

    1. Reduce the harmful effects and dependency on poisons, which historically have not been effective, in the world of rodent control through our proven scientific methods;
    2. Improve the health, safety, and well-being of humanity worldwide by reducing the negative impact of rodents causing diseases, food contamination, and consumption;
    3. Provide an economic value to our shareholders through the increased use of our products to address current rodent issues while expanding our product base to include other opportunities as they are presented.

We have broken these goals down into 3 sections: PLANET, PEOPLE, and PROGRESS.


  • Reduce the poison currently being used (ineffectively) to reduce the rodent population, which accumulates in the soil and our water sources.
  • Reduce the negative impact of poisons on secondary or predatory species that consume the poison directly or feed on the target species, this includes accidental consumption by humans, often time children.
  • As we continue to increase our product demand, we are working (successfully) to reduce waste generated and energy used per liter of manufactured product, all while decreasing our COGS. We also both use recycled goods (office and manufacturing) and reconfigure manufacturing equipment when possible.


  • With the decreased amount of food consumed or contaminated by rodents (by utilizing ContraPest) the world food shortage/hunger problem can be reduced in many nations where humans do not have enough food to feed their population.
  • Rodents are responsible for the transfer of many diseases that are harmful to humans, domestic animals, and other food sources. The reduction in rats alone will have a positive impact on our general health.
  • Our employees are committed to helping on a local level with the donation of their time, money, and services which are provided to various community organizations. The most recent indication of this was the honor of receiving the Flagstaff Volunteer Business of the year for 2018.
  • Our home office is pet-friendly with employees often bringing their pets (from dogs to lizards) to work with them. Many employees enjoy this benefit (especially the dogs) and will “make the rounds” to receive treats during the day.
  • At SenesTech, we embrace diversity in our workforce which is also reflected in our Board of Directors. The majority of both the Board and officers are female, and the ages of the employees range from their 20’s to 80’s.


  • We continue to work on teaching PMP’s and the general public on the harm that poisons have on our society and the planet while providing a scientifically proven alternative to address the rodent problem.
  • With the increased use of ContraPest we can reduce the dependency on harmful poisons and have a measured increase in the use and locations of where the product can be deployed.
  • We will continue to educate end-users on the scientific basis for the need of an alternative to poison through public forums and research papers which was started in 2019.

    To learn about our community involvement, please visit our Events Page.