Despite the continued need for social distancing, the SenesTech team is excited to connect with fellow attendees at this year’s Association of Zoos & Aquariums’ virtual-only conference.

Always eager for a chance to meet new faces and collaborate with industry thought leaders, the SenesTech team is looking forward to attending the 2020 AZA Annual Conference. We hope to learn more about the specific needs of this sensitive population and strategize how our liquid contraceptive pest control tool, ContraPest, is the ideal solution, especially when added to an existing IPM program.

We understand that zoos and sanctuaries share unique concerns, regarding rat sightings and infestations. ContraPest is a non-lethal liquid contraceptive that has proven effective in both male and female rats, successfully reducing rat populations. Thanks to its non-lethal formulation, ContraPest does not pose a risk of secondary exposure to non-target species, making it an ideal solution for IPM integration at zoos and sanctuaries, like those accredited by AZA.

For those of you who aren’t familiar, allow us to introduce you to AZA…

Representing over 230 facilities around the world, in addition to more than 200 million visitors hosted annually, AZA accreditation requires a zoo or aquarium to demonstrate the highest standards surrounding animal care and welfare while providing a fun, family-friendly opportunity. What’s more, the AZA invests millions of dollars each year to programs concerning conservation, education, and scientific research.

The 2020 AZA Annual Conference is the 95th annual conference and the first time since World War II that the event will not take place in person. Regardless, the goal of this gathering remains the same: to learn the latest developments and news from those who work in zoos and aquariums around the country. Now, more than ever, we need this kind of purposeful connection in order to deliver the products and services our customers value most.

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